Events & Workshops

Events & Workshops


Clinical Intuition & Therapeutic Presence: A Workshop for Practitioners

Thursday October 5, 2023   12:30-5:00 pm PST


Sunday November 5, 2023   9am-1:30pm PST

Online via Zoom  -  Cost:$110 +gst

Beyond counselling theories and methods, how do we practice the art of being with people relationally?

How do we avoid the common pitfalls of problem-solving, advising, and other cognitive approaches in order to help clients access deeper emotional and relational experiences?
What qualities support us as practitioners to attune to the nonverbal content of sessions, and connect clients to their own healing intelligence without rescuing or taking over?
Informed by somatic psychotherapy, interpersonal neurobiology, regulation theory, and organicity, this workshop will explore:
  • What makes an interaction therapeutic?
  • Left Brain vs. Right Brain therapy
  • Shame States & Co-regulation
  • Mindfulness & Loving Presence
  • Clinical Intuition to support emerging experience
This workshop is open to practitioners who have completed formal training in counselling, therapy, or human service and are working with people in this capacity.  Students are also welcome. 

Remembering Wholeness: Self-exploration through parts work, somatics & eco-resourcing

Sunday, October 22, 2023  -  1:00pm - 4:30pm

Kind Community Yoga - 104 Front Street, Nanaimo BC

Cost: $75-100 sliding scale

In this experiential workshop, participants will be invited to meet and tend to their inner experience using parts work, mindful-somatic practices, and ecological resources. 

Parts work offers us a tangible framework to map the adaptive self-states we have used to navigate life and relationships. Through meeting, honouring, and befriending the parts of ourselves, we may begin to understand both our protective mechanisms and deeper needs and longings.

In connecting with these parts of self, we may also notice how they show up our bodies, and explore body-based practices to support both parts and our entire system. Eco-resourcing is an invitation to also invite in resources from nature: cycles, seasons, rhythms, elements, animal symbolism that both help care for our parts, and connect us to our core wisdom. 

All are welcome in this workshop. Please dress comfortably and bring a journal or notebook.